“Michelle gave an excellent board and train experience for Caesar. She made us feel confident that Caesar will prosper without us present for a week, and he only flourished. When we saw him again, all of his previous training was reinforced to an amazing extent. During our time away, Michelle sent multiple pictures and videos with updates on how he is doing which made us feel as if he was with us. Great experience overall and it is good to know that Caesar has a place when we are away.” – Inna with Caesar, Board and Train December 2017


“We had previously done endless research into board & training in the area and were so hesitant about it because we didn’t agree with the methods we saw. Thankfully, we found Michelle & her ‘positive reinforcement only’ training and we knew we had hit the jackpot. Our pup Saydi is SO high energy that previous “expert” dog sitters had trouble handling her, but Michelle’s patience and care was one of a kind. She treated our furry girl as part of her family and even put her on a schedule which works with our own busy work schedule. We received daily pictures and updates with open communication. The difference in Saydi’s behavior is evident. She is more responsive, calmer around other dogs & people, and we have a much better understanding of her needs. Thank you SO much @pwadogtraining , we look forward to working more with you in the future!” – Saydi’s Parents, Board and Train Client Summer 2017


“So I heard about Michelle through a recommendation from someone who used her. At first I was hesitant because I thought I know how to train a dog but boy was I wrong. I ended up making my dog worse and first day she came for the personality assessment I saw a huge difference in how my pup was acting. I saw how important it was for him to work with her so I bought the 10 private sessions which was so amazing because not only was the pricing great but Michelle’s work ethic was phenomenal. Her methods and passion for helping  my dog made it easier for me to know she was the right person for the job. She also schedules play dates for him with other obedient and trained dogs so that he could learn from them and socialize! This is not interfered with our sessions it’s totally separate which I was so appreciative of. She also sent me all of the things I would not only need for him but things that I’ve never even heard of that improve important things like separation anxiety. She is still working with him and so far we’ve have 3 sessions together and I see a HUGE difference in my puppy. He was wild, unresponsive, and a big biter before and I can barely recognize him now! Thanks Michelle I can’t wait to see what he will be like once we’re officially done!” – Lauren with Cooper


“Michelle is amazing! Skylo is now 1 year old and 2 months and we trained with Michelle for separation anxiety issues for a couple of months. Before the training, he threw up and barked like crazy if i ever left the house. After training using confidence building methods like place and pen training, Skylo is now better than ever at being left in the house alone for periods of time. It was also very useful to have house visits for the first half and then Skype video sessions in order to progress with the next half of the training. It’s amazing and i have Michelle to thank for it!” – Chae with Skylo


“Michelle is an incredibly talented, results oriented, trainer. Her love for our dog is only second to the love our dog has for her! Every training session is accompanied by a professional followup with written instructions from Michelle so that we can best work with our dog on our own and prepare for the next session. I would highly recommend Pawsitively Waggin’ Academy for all!” – Rich Foster & Karen Foster, Tara

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.19.59 PM

“Michelle is absolutely the best and only trainer you’ll need in your life! If you’re looking for someone to train your dog, don’t hesitate and just call because you’ll be making the best decision for your dog!
She is very knowledgeable and truly believes that positive reinforcement is the best way to train a dog. She’s absolutely right because with her training techniques and her guidance, I saw such an improvement with my dog, Charlie! One of the issues that we had to work on was minimizing Charlie’s barking. After a session, she will provide you with an in-depth guide of what we went over and how to continue the training afterwards! She also checks up with you to make sure everything is going well.
Any questions I have, I go straight to Michelle and she always has the answers but even if she doesn’t, she goes out of her way to find it. The best part about being one of her clients is knowing that she genuinely cares about my dog and even though I currently don’t have any sessions booked with her, I know I can always count on her if I have any problems or questions about Charlie!” – Ana Su, with Charlie @charliecorgibear


“Michelle is absolutely amazing at what she does. I came to Michelle for help training my service puppy. I’ve never had a service dog before and didn’t really know how to go about training her/ what exactly she needed to be able to do. Michelle has been amazing with answering every single question that I’ve asked and is always super sweet. She is extremely patient and it’s incredible to watch her work with the dogs. Disney always has fun in training sessions and adores Michelle. Training a service dog is a very long and sometimes stressful process and Michelle has been there for both myself and Disney every step of the way. She is always giving me tips on ways to improve Disney’s training and how to take even better care of her. I could not be more thankful for this girl.
I 100% recommend Michelle to anybody looking for a great dog trainer! She’s super friendly, kind and most importantly loves dogs and is great at what she does!” – Katie, Disney SDiT


“I was so nervous when looking for a trainer for my pup. She is my absolute everything and I only wanted the best for her. Finding Michelle was the best thing to happen to Violet and I. Michelle has taught us both so much, and she is always there, any time of the day, if you have any questions or concerns about your pup or even just to talk. She is WONDERFUL!!! I cannot stress this enough. I would travel as far as I could to have her work with my Violet. I have reccommended her to many people even to just ask for advice or a question, and I will continue to reccommend her to any dog owner in need. She is also very helpful with my other pets which I love. Point Blank, MICHELLE IS AMAZING!!” – Tina, Violet CGC SDiT


“I’ve been coming to Michelle since my corgi was 5 months, we adopted him from a previous owner. He was crazy, little ball of energy, nipping our feet like crazy, destroyed almost anything he can get to, wouldn’t listen, it was complete chaos at home. During that time a friend who worked at Petco recommended Michelle for puppy training (NEEDED IT ASAP) Since he was my first dog, she helped me with a lot! Recommended things to use to help his nipping, teething, barking and a whole bunch of other puppy stuff. He completed puppy lessons in such a short time Michelle had to include something more challenging, haha. If you compare him from then and now you wouldn’t even believe how well behaved he is, all thanks to his amazing trainer! Michelle is so sweet and caring, shoots me a text to check on Barry here and there to see how he’s doing. Barry sprints to the training area to see Michelle, even when she’s not there he sits and waits thinking he has a class. He loves her as so do the other dogs in Barrys class! We just got another puppy, boxer-mix and we can’t wait till her puppy classes start. We also recently signed Barry up for Rally/Basic Agility. On the first day, I was impressed on how fast he learned. Thank you so much, Michelle!” – Jenn, Barry CGC


“Since Riley Roo is our first puppy, and my forth and only 4 legged son, I wanted to make sure he was properly trained and socialized. Michelle is WONDERFUL!! She is extremely knowledgable, intuitive, so very sweet, gentle yet strong and kind. Most importantly, Riley LOVES HER!! She has taught us BOTH so much and ALWAYS is accessible. Michelle sincerely cares deeply about her 2 and 4 legged clients and her knowledge and training makes the human feel empowered. I have and will continue to recommend her highly, without any reservation!!! THANK YOU MICHELLE!!!” – Ava, Riley Roo CGC, Therapy Dog in Training


“To say Michelle is an amazing dog trainer is an understatement! When my boyfriend and I got our first puppy together we absolutely needed some guidance and I’m so lucky to have found Michelle!! She not only helped train our puppy Nova, a now 8 month old mini dachshund, but taught us so much as well. We did 10 in home training sessions together which included teaching Nova basic commands like sit, stay, how not to run out the door, potty training, how to be gentle with her two guinea pig brothers, along with walking nicely outside on a leash, how to act with other puppies and Novas most difficult task to grasp..barking! Michelle would assign homework for Nova and I to do together and send video updates on how they were going, which I felt was so helpful. It let Michelle critic us and practice correctly until we met for our next lesson. Although all aspects of Michelle’s positive training was amazing I have to say her love for her doggies and the time she truly takes to help each one is was make her the best. I could bother her at anytime with my new “puppy mom” questions and she was always so quick to respond and have an helpful answer to everything. As time progressed and new puppy habits came about Michelle was always able to tailor our lessons to include the new problem we had to work on. Nova and I are looking forward to more training sessions together to continue to work on her inside barking “whisper” and hopefully show her some agility courses to help her let out all her energy. Thank you again Michelle for helping Nova and our family, we’re so grateful” – Rosemarie, Nova


“Michelle has been the best thing to happen to us since we brought Loki home! She has a vision on what she sees for your family and your dog and executes it very clearly step by step. She is always free to answer questions. Loki has learned so much and is so well behaved from only a few months. We are on track to have her become a certified service dog, and continues to learn more and more obedience. She makes all the trainings super fun and is so so friendly and lovely to be around! Can’t imagine training our puppy without her talent!!!!” – Mariel, Loki SDiT


“Michelle started puppy training with our little Abbey in February. Michelle was a great fit for our very active Mini Golden Doodle. They became the best of friends and Abbey loved her sessions with Michelle. Our Abbey graduated both Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 classes with honors. Michelle always made sure that Abbey stayed focused and learned her commands. She always took her cues from our puppy making sure she was always attentive and learning. Abbey is a great pup that loves to be with us and is very very well behaved. She sits, stays and comes on command. She also gives the best kisses. Michelle was a wonderful trainer for her. We will be looking for some continuing education classes for her in the Fall. Michelle is our trainer and words cannot express our gratitude, she wonderful, loving young lady, inside and out.” – Lucie, Abbey CGC

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