Behavior Modification

Our behavior modification sessions are also held in the comfort of your own home. These classes can be done in your home, your neighborhood, or a neighborhood park to work your dog for a variety of issues.

Length: 1 Hour unless otherwise stated

Cost: Contact us for information. Each case is different and each dog requires a different B-Mod package. Contact us for information. Discounted packages available (Our most popular package: Foundation Skills Package 5 classes)

  • Reactivity
    • Door reactivity
    • People Reactivity
    • Dog reactivity
    • Car reactivity
  • Fearful Behavior
    • Dog/dog fear
    • People fear
    • Noise/object phobias
  • Anxiety
    • Seperation Anxiety
      • For Seperation Anxiety we offer Skype sessions which allows for us to tackle your dog’s SA with the help of technology. This gives us the advantage of making optimal progress with your dog throughout the training process. Contact us for information!
    • Situational anxiety
  • Resource Guarding
  • Attention Seeking Behaviors
  • Help! I’m on my third couch!
    • Destructive behaviors
  • Confidence Building

“Michelle is amazing! Skylo is now 1 year old and 2 months and we trained with Michelle for separation anxiety issues for a couple of months. Before the training, he threw up and barked like crazy if i ever left the house. After training using confidence building methods like place and pen training, Skylo is now better than ever at being left in the house alone for periods of time. It was also very useful to have house visits for the first half and then Skype video sessions in order to progress with the next half of the training. It’s amazing and i have Michelle to thank for it!” – Chae with Skylo