Board & Train


Our board & train program is held in our home. This program is designed for dog owners who want a jump start on their dog’s education, or for those that have dogs who need to work on specific behaviors. We begin this process by interviewing and meeting your family and your dog to get down to where the problems lay.


  • Daily updates of your dog’s progress
  • Written reports emailed weekly
  • Video recorded sessions uploaded to our youtube platform
  • 1 hour post-boarding session to make sure you can continue reinforcement after your dog leaves the program

Length: Minimum of 1 week, Maximum 2 weeks

Cost: $1050 not including tax for 1 week, $2100 not including tax for 2 weeks


“Michelle is the best trainer that we have used for our dog. Honestly, we could not be more satisfied. If you choose to stop here and read nothing else, you should know that we recommend her wholeheartedly.
We discovered Michelle through a referral from a friend and we were not disappointed. Right off the bat, she conveyed a measure of professionalism and warmth that we really appreciate it. She was punctual, responsive, and an extremely effective communicator who helped us to understand her philosophy of dog training and what specific techniques she would use.
Beyond her first class professionalism and  service, she understood our puppy. Michelle demonstrated a degree of compassion and understanding that is rare to find in an animal trainer or frankly any human being. Our dog instantly connected with her as soon as they met. They truly bonded over a two-week period when our dog ‘boarded’ with Michelle. During this time, she taught the dog a series of simple, straightforward and extremely useful commands. After two weeks, the dog was remarkably changed for the better. And, more than anything, she was happy, reflecting that she  received a lots of love when she was under Michelle’s care and that her training was grounded in the model of positive reinforcement for which Michelle is known.
After the training, Michelle has continued to be responsive when we posed additional questions. I would chalk it up to her deep love of dogs and her passion for her work. She really is a pro.
We are excited to continue to work with Michelle in the weeks, months, and years ahead so she can build on the training and further enhance our dog’s ability to participate in the family and to understand its place. I would not hesitate to recommend her for lessons or longer-term training.” – Jonathan with Cookie, Board & Train May 2018