We at Pawsitively Waggin’ Academy are here to help you with your fur baby with scientifically based, force free methods. We offer in home dog training classes, and group lessons for puppies and adults. We train dogs to be obedient because they choose to be, not because they are punished to be so.



“To say Michelle is an amazing dog trainer is an understatement! When my boyfriend and I got our first puppy together we absolutely needed some guidance and I’m so lucky to have found Michelle!! She not only helped train our puppy Nova, a now 8 month old mini dachshund, but taught us so much as well. We did 10 in home training sessions together which included teaching Nova basic commands like sit, stay, how not to run out the door, potty training, how to be gentle with her two guinea pig brothers, along with walking nicely outside on a leash, how to act with other puppies and Novas most difficult task to grasp..barking! Michelle would assign homework for Nova and I to do together and send video updates on how they were going, which I felt was so helpful. It let Michelle critic us and practice correctly until we met for our next lesson. Although all aspects of Michelle’s positive training was amazing I have to say her love for her doggies and the time she truly takes to help each one is was make her the best. I could bother her at anytime with my new “puppy mom” questions and she was always so quick to respond and have an helpful answer to everything. As time progressed and new puppy habits came about Michelle was always able to tailor our lessons to include the new problem we had to work on. Nova and I are looking forward to more training sessions together to continue to work on her inside barking “whisper” and hopefully show her some agility courses to help her let out all her energy. Thank you again Michelle for helping Nova and our family, we’re so grateful” – Rosemarie, Nova