Specialties: Trick Dog & Service Dog Tasks

Are you in need of a service dog due to disability? Do you currently have a service dog in training and need help with task work? We’re here to help! These classes can be done in your home, your neighborhood, or a neighborhood park to work your dog up to taking a PAT.

Are you interested in your dog being the talk of the town? Michelle Belio, CPDT-KA is a proud evaluator for AKC Trick Dog! If interested in this please check out the AKC website!

Length: 1 Hour unless otherwise stated

Cost: Contact us for information. Each case is different and each dog requires a different package. Contact us for information. Discounted packages available (Our most popular package: Foundation Skills Package 5 classes).

  • Locate objects on command
  • Alert to specific sounds at home or away from home
  • Retrieve based tasks
  • Carrying Based tasks
  • Mobility Assistance
  • DPT
  • Prepare for Public Access Test
  • Find _____
    • And more, need a specific task? Contact us for information.