“Michelle gave an excellent board and train experience for Caesar. She made us feel confident that Caesar will prosper without us present for a week, and he only flourished. When we saw him again, all of his previous training was reinforced to an amazing extent. During our time away, Michelle sent multiple pictures and videos with updates on how he is doing which made us feel as if he was with us. Great experience overall and it is good to know that Caesar has a place when we are away.”

Inna with Caesar, Board and Train December 2017

As most pet owners, I could not be more hesitant when leaving one of my dogs with someone for even 5 minutes. I recently left my 13-week old puppy with Pawsitively Waggin’ for a week while away on business, and his reaction upon pickup said it all! He didn’t want to leave he had such a good time! What a great experience for a young dog at this crucial stage in his life!

I’m so happy to know that I’ve found someone I can leave my dog(s) with without any concerns whatsoever! They were so professional, kind, courteous…and even sent photo and video updates daily!  

HIGHLY Recommended!!!!!”

Mike with Hudson (@hudson_the_duck_toller)

“We had previously done endless research into board & training in the area and were so hesitant about it because we didn’t agree with the methods we saw. Thankfully, we found Michelle & her ‘positive reinforcement only’ training and we knew we had hit the jackpot. Our pup Saydi is SO high energy that previous “expert” dog sitters had trouble handling her, but Michelle’s patience and care was one of a kind. She treated our furry girl as part of her family and even put her on a schedule which works with our own busy work schedule. We received daily pictures and updates with open communication. The difference in Saydi’s behavior is evident. She is more responsive, calmer around other dogs & people, and we have a much better understanding of her needs. Thank you SO much @pwadogtraining , we look forward to working more with you in the future!”

Saydi’s Parents, Board and Train Client Summer 2017 (@hedasaydi)

“My puppy, Bailey, went to the 2 week Board & Train and came back with so much more knowledge of what she is supposed to do and what is wrong. Michelle trained her so well and made sure to make the training fun for the dogs too! She also made sure that the dogs got plenty of breaks for playtime and relaxation in between training sessions! Michelle gives so much love to all the dogs that she trains and truly cares about each dog’s success in their training. Whenever you have a question, you can text Michelle and she’ll text you right back giving you all the information that you need. When your puppy comes home, Michelle makes sure that you have all the materials to maintain what your puppy learned and is always available when you have a question.”

Charlotte with Bailey

“Michelle is amazing! She helped us so much with our dachshund puppy for house training and discipline. We could tell that she genuinely loves dogs, and our puppy genuinely loved her! We got our puppy at 4 months and some trainers we talked to told us that she was already too old to start training. Not Michelle! She came to our home and spent time with our family, always demonstrating patience. Whenever we had a crisis in between sessions and even after our sessions were completed, Michelle was always available to give advice and answer questions. We would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer.”

Rachel with Puchina

“Michelle is the best trainer that we have used for our dog. Honestly, we could not be more satisfied. If you choose to stop here and read nothing else, you should know that we recommend her wholeheartedly.

We discovered Michelle through a referral from a friend and we were not disappointed. Right off the bat, she conveyed a measure of professionalism and warmth that we really appreciate it. She was punctual, responsive, and an extremely effective communicator who helped us to understand her philosophy of dog training and what specific techniques she would use.

Beyond her first class professionalism and  service, she understood our puppy. Michelle demonstrated a degree of compassion and understanding that is rare to find in an animal trainer or frankly any human being. Our dog instantly connected with her as soon as they met. They truly bonded over a two-week period when our dog ‘boarded’ with Michelle. During this time, she taught the dog a series of simple, straightforward and extremely useful commands. After two weeks, the dog was remarkably changed for the better. And, more than anything, she was happy, reflecting that she  received a lots of love when she was under Michelle’s care and that her training was grounded in the model of positive reinforcement for which Michelle is known.

After the training, Michelle has continued to be responsive when we posed additional questions. I would chalk it up to her deep love of dogs and her passion for her work. She really is a pro.

We are excited to continue to work with Michelle in the weeks, months, and years ahead so she can build on the training and further enhance our dog’s ability to participate in the family and to understand its place. I would not hesitate to recommend her for lessons or longer-term training.”

Jonathan with Cookie

“I contacted Michelle during a low point in my puppy raising adventure desperate for help and I am very glad I did. My corgi puppy Rudy was showing increasingly worsening episodes of resource guarding and body handling issues and since he is my first dog I was completely at a loss and had no idea what to do. Michelle worked with us throughout the past few months to help us build a better relationship with our dog. She gave us exercises to practice during the week and also taught us about reading dog body language which has been immensely helpful. We still have a ways to go but Michelle gave us the tools to be successful and his guarding reactions have lessened. Thank you!”

Jessica with Rudy (@chuck_and_rudy)

“Pawsitively Waggin’ Academy offered an incredible one-on-one experience training my dog using positive reinforcement. Michelle is an amazing trainer and is so easy to work with. She knows exactly what your dog needs to achieve their training goals. Highly recommended!”

Sara B

“Michelle is absolutely amazing! We were overwhelmed with our pup, and she helped us enormously, and taught us the best approaches and the best tools to use, to work with our sweet (but very energetic) pup. She was patient, understanding, SO smart, and always helped us figure out different ways to approach any behavioral problem. Our dog is doing so much better, and we are continuing to work with him, with all of the positive reinforcement techniques that Michelle has taught us. We cannot say enough about her, she is so communicative and always had ideas for every one of our questions. We highly recommend her, she is wonderful!!!”

Lori with Ziggy

“Pawsitively Waggin Academy was an wonderful experience for my family and our 16 week old Corgi.  Michelle our trainer was amazing.  Calvin our Corgi instantly fell in love with her.  She spent time bonding with him on the first day, and from then on he was beyond excited to see her.
Everything she recommended we do with him to train him worked.  She is caring , compassionate and considerate.  I can’t imagine any dog or owner that would not like love working with her.  We were very lucky to get a good dog in Calvin, and even luckier to have met and worked with Michelle.  I would highly recommend her for any training needs.  She is the best.  Having a new puppy is a wonderful experience, but they are a lot of work, and Michelle taught us how to make the best of that hard work.  And because of her it truly paying off.”

John with Calvin (@mycorgicalvin)

“Absolutely amazing!  We did the puppy training series for our dog Zoe and got so much accomplished.  We loved working with Michelle and were so impressed by how fast she achieved our goals.  Michelle is super sweet and is loved by the whole family, including Zoe.  Definitely recommend!”

Meirav with Zoe

“Michelle is the best trainer we could have imagined for our corgi. A friend actually recommended her before we even got our puppy. We wanted to make sure our puppy got training right away, and Michelle fit us in her schedule with no problem! She is so flexible with her time that she’ll sometimes work on days that she normally doesn’t just to accommodate you. 

From our first private training session with Michelle, you can tell that she genuinely loves dogs and she really puts her all into her work. She was so thorough and even helped us out with making a routine/schedule for our dog, Finley. 

She is super sweet and patient! Finn loves seeing Michelle & always listens to her. Her positive reinforcement way of teaching is so awesome. It really strengthens the bond between the dog and the parent. For example, when Finn does what she’s supposed to, she gets a treat and lots of encouraging words like “yesss!” and “good girl!” And when she doesn’t get it right away, Michelle always cheers her on with “You can do it, Finn!” I love that she believes in our pup so much. In addition to the training session, she’ll also send you videos/links to reinforce what you and the dog had just worked on. We find these helpful when we forget what we’re supposed to be doing. Some are also good articles explaining the premise behind Michelle’s chosen techniques.

We have also experienced having Finn board with Michelle for a weekend. Michelle sent us updates even when we didn’t ask. She took Finley out shopping, they ate at a dog-friendly restaurant, and Finn learned even more things when she stayed with her. We trust Michelle with our puppy so much that we had already asked to board her for an entire month when we go away on vacation.

She is also an expert at everything dog-related. I swear, we ask her everything because we’re newbies — from potty training to the raw food diet, she knows it. She is our #1 resource! She’s only a text away and is always ready to help.

We’ve worked with Michelle since our pup was just 2 months old and we’re definitely going to enroll her in group training sessions this May as she has just graduated her basic training. Finn learned so many foundation skills and more because Michelle has guided us the entire way. I can’t thank Michelle enough for everything she has done for Finley and us!”

Marian with Finley (@finleytheincorgible)

“We have been working with Michelle for the past 5 months with our crazy pup, Maisie, and it has been such an amazing experience. I started looking for a trainer last year to address some reactivity issues in our pup Maisie. As an owner, it was definitely overwhelming trying to find the perfect trainer to work with our pup. I worked with several trainers prior to Michelle and I was never really satisfied with their level of knowledge or their styles of training. After searching through several websites and reviews on yelp, I came across Pawsitively Waggin’ Academy. It seemed like a no brainer to reach out to Michelle since everyone raved about her. 

I extremely value professionalism and first impressions, and off the bat Michelle excelled in both. When I first reached out to Michelle in regards to training, I did not hear back for a couple of days (which I felt was normal). When she did respond, not only was she extremely apologetic (which was unnecessary), but her reasoning for not responding was because she was tending to an extreme case of aggression in one of her current clients. I was so moved by her extreme level of dedication, I knew she was the right trainer for my pup. 

Over the past couple of months with working with Michelle, my pup Maisie has made significant progress. Michelle equipped Maisie and myself with the tools to improving her problem behaviors. I sent her constant questions regarding Maisie and she always responded with basically a novel of advice. Also, after every training session, Michelle provides a review of the skills you learned and what to continue as “homework”. The document also provided links to videos and book references to enhance my skill set as an owner. Overall, I’m so grateful for the progress Maisie has made these past couple of months, as well as the increased education I received throughout the process. When it comes down to it, most of our dogs’ issues stem from the “other end of the leash” and I realized that A LOT while working with Michelle. I continue to look forward to working with Michelle with Maisie and hope to work towards gaining a therapy dog certification for our happy go lucky pup. You would be crazy not to go with Pawsitively Waggin’ Academy!”

Lauren with Maisie